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Slo Pitch - Saturday September 22nd

Slo Pitch - Saturday September 22nd

Slo Pitch Tournament

Saturday September 22nd


Registration for 2018 Intramural Slo Pitch is OPEN

Please go to MyCambrian and register via IM LEAGUES


Registration will close Wednesday September 19th at 4pm


Please visit the Cambrian Athletic Association if you have any questions

Rm. 2439


See below for Rules & Regulations


Slo-Pitch Rules List:

  • Games will last 1 hour or 6 innings
  • 9 players on the field   
  • Batting team supplies their own pitcher
  • Ball that hits pitcher will be considered interference and batter will be declared out
  • Pitch must be underhand
  • Bringing your own bats is permitted
  • Batting order stays the same through the game and alternate male/female when possible
  • 3 pitches and you’re out – 3 pitch maximum
  • Home runs – one home run per team, per gender, per inning. Even in the open inning.  Additional homeruns will be considered an out
  • If the ball goes under or through the fence that is an automatic 2 bases
  • No stealing bases or sliding at any bases
  • MUST stay on the bag until ball is hit
  • Overrunning bases permitted.  Runner must turn right to be considered out of play. 
  • Throws from outfield positions directly to first base are not permitted (runner safety)
  • Tied games after time limit is reached will continue with the next inning declared open
  • Appropriate clothing (No jewelry). Cleats are encouraged.  
  • Pitchers are to pitch from roughly 35 feet away
  • A dead ball line will be drawn as an arc 20 feet from home later to 1st and 3rd baseline
  • Dead ball - Balls hit into the dead ball area are considered strikes
                     - Third pitch hit in dead ball area are considered out
                     - A ball caught in the dead ball area is live. Runners may advance
  • A commitment line will be drawn from 3rd base line
  • A safe line will be drawn at home plate
  • Runners are not permitted to touch home plate
  • 3rd strike foul batter will be called out
  • Partial swings are not permitted. Batter will be called out
  • 6 run limit per inning
  • Last inning will be declared an OPEN inning (no run limit)
  • Respect each other, the umpire and the council members
  • NO ALCOHOL is permitted at or near the game site.  Teams will be responsible for both players and spectators.  Failure to abide  by this rule will result in the team being removed from the tournament